BYO Reusable Coffee Cups

BYO Reusable Coffee Cups 

When you order your next takeaway coffee, take a look around at the number of disposable cups that are flying out the door as we all feed our caffeine addiction.

The War On Waste, which aired on the ABC highlighted that cities are struggling to keep up with the amount of waste produced daily. Reusable takeaway coffee cups are a great solution to this growing waste problem. By making an effort to bring your teacup or coffee cup to your café, you are contributing to this ever-increasing movement of sustainable coffee and tea consumption.

Why should I buy a reusable coffee cup?

Having a reusable product will minimise the amount of waste you produce by reducing the number of disposable cups that you previously used in its place.

It is well known that the large number of disposable coffee cups that we use daily are not recyclable due to their plastic lining and are ending up in the landfill. 

As per Sustainability Victoria, Australians throw out 2.7 million single-use or disposable coffee cups every single day. This adds up to 1 billion coffee cups thrown out every year.

Whether you are a three coffee a day drinker or just a social coffee consumer, your reusable takeaway coffee cups can become a guilt-free companion that follows you around, ready to jump in place of the throwaway non-recyclable coffee cup. With products such as Uppercup, Keep Cup, Frank Green and Joco on the market, you can follow the reusable coffee cup movement in style. The sleek design of Uppercup mimics a non-reusable coffee cup and is ethically and sustainably produced in Australia fo your perfect cup of coffee!


What are the benefits of using a Reusable Takeaway Coffee Cup made of Tritan?

Tritan is a relatively new material on the market, designed for premium beverage containers. Recyclable at the end of its life, this material is super durable and can withstand the frequent uses that coffee drinkers put their reusable coffee cups to the test with.

The material offers a glass-like appeal without the risk of shattering when dropped. Uppercup designed with the coffee and tea drinker in mind has a double wall that will keep your drink warm and your fingers cool.


War On Waste - The Movement Towards Reusables

The War on Waste movement is a national movement to influence how we all act as consumers and global citizens.

It revolves around three fundamental lifestyle principles:

  1. Where-ever possible, minimise our waste product.
  2. Shop consciously by looking into the supply chain process of the company.
  3. Change our daily habits to become more sustainable in a broader sense.

Click here to see some tips that can help you follow these principles and change your consumer behaviours towards a more ethical and sustainable model.

Tea Cup and Keep Cup

Uppercup produces a range of stylish products that can make it easy to reuse when it comes to your daily coffee (or three). 

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Uppercup and 321 Water are B Corp certified, Australian made brands passionate about local and ethical manufacturing.

We choose to do everything in-house. The product is designed, manufactured, and wholly operated out of Melbourne, Australia, to produce the highest quality end product and ensure that the production conditions are under the high standards that Australia sets and the employees are earning a fair and just wage.

Made using good quality BPA free Tritan material, Uppercup will meet your daily needs and endure any sudden impact, unlike the glass alternatives.

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Tritan has been tested by four third-party labs and shown to be free of any estrogenic and androgenic activity.

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