BYO Reusable Coffee Keep Cups and Tea Cups

Reusable Uppercup on tableWhen you order your next takeaway coffee, take a look around at the number of disposable cups that are flying out the door as society feeds their caffeine addiction.

Reusable coffee and tea cups are the solution to this growing waste problem that cities all over the world are struggling to keep up with.

By taking the plunge and remembering to bring your own tea or coffee cup to your café you are contributing to this growing movement of sustainable coffee consumption and zero waste living.

Why should I buy a reusable coffee cup?


In its most simplest form, having a reusable product is going to minimise the amount of waste you produce by reducing the number of disposables that you previously used in it’s place. Whether you are a 3 coffee a day drinker or just a social coffee consumer, your keep cup can become a guilt free companion that follows you around ready to jump in place of the throw away coffee cup.


With products such as Uppercup on the market, you can follow the reusable coffee cup movement in style too – making this product a staple in your daily belongings. Uppercup was designed by a Melbourne based barista who was after the perfect reusable coffee cup. It had to be perfect for coffee but also feel and look nice to use every day.

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Also, because Uppercup is Australian Made, you will be helping to support Australian jobs. 

Find out more about sustainability at Uppercup.

What benefits will I gain from Tritan material?

Tritan is a relatively new material on the market, designed for premium beverage containers.

Being completely recyclable at the end of it’s life, this material is super durable and can withstand the frequent uses that coffee drinkers put their reusable coffee cups to the test with. The material offers a glass-like appeal without the risk of shattering when dropped. Uppercup was designed with a dual walled Tritan material to also enable impressive heat and cooling retention as well as not retaining nasty odours from your tea or coffee.


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Written by Luke Marigliani


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