We are B Corp Certified!

321 Water and Uppercup female founders of Australian Business

Uppercup is excited to be a part of the B Corporation movement as a certified company since 2019.

Uppercup scored an impressive 110.8 points (where most companies receive an average score of 50.9).

As an ethical, female-led organisation, we are genuinely concerned about our environment. Becoming a B Corp was an essential milestone in our journey towards being recognised as leaders in our field who choose to utilise our business as a force for good. 

One area of impact that we stood out with was the Community section, scoring a pivotal 61.5 points. Uppercup achieved this through our structural business decision to source locally and supported local economic development. We choose to manufacture, assemble, print, and package within a 25km radius in Melbourne, Australia.

What is it to be a B Corp? 

Being a B Corp is to be recognised as a Better Business embarking on a constant improvement journey to ensure we continually exceed the expectations, demands and needs of society and the planet. B Corps meet the highest social and environmental standards and balance purpose and profit.

Uppercup is a perfect example of a better business, proven by our verified B Corp certification and commitment to placing all stakeholders at the centre of our decisions.

B Corp

It means we meet the highest standards of verified social & environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. 

The B Corporation label and certification is a multifaceted process to prove that your business is making a sizeable contribution to reducing inequality, creating healthier and more sustainable environments, and building stronger communities. 

B Corp launched in 2006, and over 3000 global businesses are now Certified B Corps and members of this community. In Australia, there are over 200 B Corps.

How did we achieve B Corp certification?

The four key areas that judgment is based on are:

  • Governance - What goes on in the background of your company? How transparent are you with your process?
  • Community - Local social and economic impacts. Supply chain process.
  • Environment - What does your business do for environmental conservation? 
  • Customers - Customer stewardship. How does your product assist health and wellbeing?

As a B Corp, we are a better business because we’re not just responsible; we’re also held accountable for these actions and choices. To maintain our B Corp certified status, we verify and update our score every three years, measuring our performance and improvement in the above five categories.

The strict assessment makes sure we meet the highest standards of transparency and legal accountability every time.

Want to see how we scored? In the spirit of transparency, our B Impact Report is publicly available at https://bcorporation.net/directory/uppercup-321-water



What was the process, and how did Uppercup and 321 Water by Lusty go?

The B Impact Assessment is the critical process driver that offers businesses a tool to measure their impact as a company in the four areas mentioned above. Using a unique data ranking system, B Lab can score a company based on their answer to the Impact Assessment questionnaire out of 200 for their contributions.

Lusty is B Corp certified

Questions cover an in-depth range of topics from weighted energy usage, recycling mechanisms, internal documents for staff through to product or service impacts. This stage is followed up with scrutinisation from the B Impact Assessors based independently worldwide to verify that answers line up with documentation.

Based on data collected over the years from the large number of companies that have utilised this tool, the median score is valued at 50.9 points - with 80 points denoting eligibility for the B Corp Community. 

Uppercup and 321 Water by Lusty managed to score an impressive 110.8 points, further cementing our impacts as a business and choosing to stand with the B Corp Community.

It means that we have a greater purpose, bolder targets, deeper values, real accountability, higher standards, faster progress & more significant impact overall.

 B Corp Community

Together with the global B Corp community, we believe in putting people, and the

B Corp Certified reusable coffee cup

planet before profit and that business should be a force for good.

The B Corp label is quickly growing as a recognisable asset that allows consumers to identify products that will positively impact our world and act ethically in their business processes.

As B Corporations' community continues to grow, their impacts are seen to be in far greater numbers. From sustainable manufacturing and supply chain processes to ethical business models, each company that chooses to take the stand contributes positively.

For Uppercup, being a B Corp is more than just creating something incredible. Our underlying purpose is why our products exist and what drives us to do better business every day.

Being a B Corp means operating on a triple bottom line, where people, planet and profit are all considered in our business decisions. However, the transformed economic system's collective vision that we're building is even bigger than this. 

An inclusive and sustainable economy is built by everyone who works for, buys from, invests in and supports businesses striving to create shared prosperity for everyone. Join us and become part of this new economy by choosing to buy better, work better, and do better every day. 

Better Business is better for all.


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