Our company

Felicity Ford & Claudine Fessey

We are a Female-led, B-Corp & Australian Made company that focuses on locally manufactured products that are eco-friendly & sustainable. 

Find out more about our company at Lusty Reusable Product Solutions.

We are an ethical business:
We choose to operate and manufacture in Australia to ensure we are sustainable and ethical in our supply chain and operations.

We believe in beautiful design and corporate transparency. This translates into every aspect of our business, we actively minimise negative impacts of our operation and manufacturing.
Australian Made and Bcorp

Did you know:

  • We choose to design, operate & manufacture locally all within a 25 km radius in Australia.
  • We know the families & people who make your products.
  • Through local jobs, we directly support & employ women from a  refugee background.
  •  All packaging is made in Australia of 100% recycled cardboard.
  • All parts are replaceable & recyclable at the end of life. We even take your products back & recycle them for you.

We care about the environment and your health:
We think deeply about the materials and feel of our products making them the ultimate feel-good experience.

We use a unique high-quality material in every component of our coffee cup and water bottle, to provide you with the safest and highest quality product.

We are always completely Bisphenol S (BPS) and Bisphenol A (BPA) free and the Tritan used in our coffee cups and bottles is free of Estrogenic and Androgenic activity.

Meaning we have done the research to keep you at your healthiest.

We believe in both being practical, transparent and beautiful:
We have a beautifully designed water bottle, but have ensured that each part of it is multifunctional, practical and ethical.

Our products adapt to your needs and they can change as your life does.

What drives us?
We want to provide you with stylish and sustainable coffee cups that work with your life and make it easy for you to live more sustainably. 

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