Closed Loop


Like all good things must come to an end do you know what happens when you finish with your reusable cup?

Did you know?

Less than 60% of your recycling waste is recycled?

Meaning that even if you place something in a recycling bin, it will probably still end up in a landfill. 

Once our recycling goes into the right bin, a lot of it is unusable due to contamination — broken glass, food, plastic bags, rubbish and liquids all increase the chance of the material eventually sent to a landfill.

Our Hope

We make it easy for everyone to Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. We believe closing the loop will help minimise the carbon footprint of our operation and our customers.

We believe in zero-waste living, and that simple choices in our lives help create a significant impact that will save our planet. 

Reduce waste

What is closing the loop?

Closed-loop recycling is a process where resources that would typically end up as waste in landfills – is collected, recycled and then used again to make the same product it came from.

These solutions can help individuals and companies divert waste from landfill or incineration.


Uppercup+ is a product that takes your old Uppercup & uses it to make a new cup.

With an insulated wall, your coffee will stay warm and your fingers cold.

Designed by baristas for people who love coffee, the conical bottom means you can have a perfectly poured coffee every time.


How Uppercup+ Works

Uppercup +

Uppercup is committed to being a Zero Waste business

Being a certified B-Corporation, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.  

Recycling an old Uppercup at the end of life means that we have created a closed-loop solution, where old Uppercup's can be recycled & reused.

It is a closed-loop solution.

Your cup won't end up in a landfill but will be recycled locally & made into a new Uppercup+ ready to be used again.

At Uppercup, we take every step to address the entire system of our operation to reduce waste and climate emissions by changing what and how much we use, what resources go into making it, and finally delivering it to you through our Carbon neutral shipping partner Sendle.

 Be a part of the solution.
Uppercup+ reusable coffee cup