Common Misconceptions A Reusable Coffee Cups

Common Misconceptions A Reusable Coffee Cups

When looking at the sustainability associated with drinking coffee, with particular thanks to the war on waste, disposable plastic coffee cups have been at the forefront of all conscious consumers minds.

It has become widespread knowledge now that majority of the disposable coffee cups we consume on a daily basis at such large numbers, in fact, are not recyclable due to their plastic lining and are merely ending in landfill.

reusable coffee cup also great for water

With consumers jumping in large numbers to buy their very own barista friendly reusable coffee cup, they have fast become a must-have accessory for your daily belongings.

With some styles of reusable coffee cups now on the market, made from a variety of materials and in various locations there have been some of misconceptions surrounding plastic materials.

Here are three key misconceptions that you should keep in mind when purchasing your reusable coffee cups:

1. A reusable coffee cup made of plastic is no longer a sustainable option?

Uppercup products are made of high quality and durable BPA free plastic called Tritan. Being dishwasher safe and shatterproof (won't break on standard impact) your product is built to last with day to day activities and being dropped and thrown around (to a standard degree). On top of all this at the end of the Uppercup's life, it is 100% recyclable. 

2. Knowing where your product is made can be harder than it seems.

Ethical supply chain involves not just the working conditions of the manufacturing site but also to include the whole process from the materials used to the distribution methods [1]. By supporting a local Australian manufacturer such as Uppercup, you have not only supported the local economy but have supported a company that adheres to the high working standards and responsible manufacturing process that Australia enforces. It can sometimes be hard to find a company being transparent about their manufacturing location as opposed to simply their warehousing or office location.

3. A reusable coffee cup is not worth the investment.

As cafe's across Australia have begun to support the reusable coffee cup movement - there are many benefits that can be seen. Cafes are beginning to offer discounts anywhere from 20c through to half price coffees, meaning it will not take you long to have "paid off" the cost of your cup. To put it into perspective, if your cafe offers a 50c discount for BYO cup, it will take you just 44 coffees to have paid off the purchase of an 8oz Uppercup and continue to be saving you money from there on. If you are like me and have at least one coffee per day, it will only take you around six weeks!


Now that you see the cost benefits and environmental efforts that are easily attained by utilising a reusable coffee cup - without these misconceptions getting in the way, grab yours today! 

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[1] - B Corp Declaration,

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