How Are Reusable Takeaway Coffee & Tea Cups Sustainable?

How Are Reusable Takeaway Coffee & Tea Cups Sustainable?

For the last year or so, you will notice the rapid rise of reusable coffee cups at coffee shops and in your office - as a way of tackling the infamously called “war on waste” that we are currently facing. The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation estimates that upwards of 1.2 billion disposable coffee cups are used each year in Australia with the majority of these just ending up in a landfill.

This same statement has been drilled into media outlets for some months now prompting conscious consumers to explore the options of purchasing their very own reusable products. cups

With this in mind, we would love to share three key reasons as to why the Australian made and designed Uppercup follows an ethical supply chain model to ensure sustainability that every coffee drinker needs.

  1. Reusegreen tea.
  2. Buy local and ethical
  3. Use durable and recyclable products

Uppercup produces a range of stylish products that can make it desirable to reuse when it comes to your daily coffee (or three). Every time you opt to use a reusable takeaway coffee cup over a non-reusable coffee cup, you have ensured chosen to minimise your waste product. 

Uppercup and 321 Water are Melbourne based companies, which are passionate about local and ethical manufacturing. We choose to do everything in-house. The product has been designed, manufactured and wholly operated out of Melbourne, Australia, to not only produce the highest quality end product but to also ensure that the conditions of production are under the high standards that Australia sets and the employees are earning a fair and just wage. By supporting local manufacturing and procurement, we are also helping the local and Australian economy.

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If you are a caffeine addict like we are, we know that your Uppercup will be put to the durability test as it becomes your day-to-day companion and has to withstand dynamic conditions and being thrown around on the odd occasion.
Made of high-quality shatterproof BPA free Tritan material Uppercup can keep up with your daily needs and endure the occasional impact as opposed to glass alternatives.
The Uppercup packaging itself is made from recycled cardboard and further to this, at the end of your Uppercup’s life – be sure to pop it in the recycling bin! 

Now that you know some further details into why Uppercup is an all-round sustainable option for conscious coffee consumers.

Check out the stylish range here

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Luke Marigliani

Written by Luke Marigliani


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