3 Key Signs You Should Buy a Reusable Coffee Cup

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We are all trying to be more eco-friendly in our everyday life, but breaking old habits can sometimes be hard.  Since Keep Cup brought to market the first barista friendly reusable coffee cup, we have seen the development of the industry to make the shift as effortless as possible. Uppercup is an Australian made alternative to Keep Cup that with a stylish and designer edge can make ditching the paper cups a whole lot easier.

Here are three key signs that you should definitely invest in a reusable coffee cup now!

1. You care about the waste that you produce every time you purchase a coffee.

By investing in a reusable coffee cup, such as Uppercup or Keep Cup you drastically reduce the amount of non-recyclable material that ends up in a landfill. To put it in perspective it is estimated that 500 billion disposable coffee cups end up in landfill per year [1] - which as consumers we have the power to alter this figure.

2. You want your coffee to taste better and stay warm for longer.

As opposed to paper cups and poor quality plastics, Uppercup reusable coffee cups, are dual walled and made of Tritan material. They are designed to pour the perfect coffee every time. The Tritan material will not retain nasty odours and being double walled will keep your coffee hot for longer and your fingers cool. Being designed in Melbourne in conjunction with Baristas everything down the conical shape of Uppercup is designed for the ultimate coffee drinking experience.

3. You want to support Australian made products and local jobs.

There is little to no accountability for the manufacturing process of disposable coffee cups. By supporting Australian manufacturers and designers such as through Uppercup, you can know exactly where your product is coming from and that it is supporting the local economy and procurement of materials.


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[1] - Hanna, Jim, www.oneearth.org, April 2012

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