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There are two options when purchasing an Uppercup+ 

Option One: Buy an Uppercup+
Option Two: Buy an Uppercup+ and a satchel to return your old reusable cup for us to recycle and turn into a new Uppercup+. 
We only charge $2 as we cover the rest (shipping/recycling). This a part of our commitment to the goal of less waste going to landfills.
How does Uppercup+ work?
Uppercup+ is made of old recycled Uppercup's.
Being a certified B-Corporation, we are committed to closing the loop and recycling your old Uppercup at the end of life. Recycling old Uppercup's means that we have created a closed-loop solution, where old Uppercup's can be recycled & reused.
About Uppercup+

With an insulated wall, your coffee will stay warm and your fingers cold.

Designed by baristas for people who love coffee, the conical bottom means you can have a perfectly poured coffee every time.

The Uppercup+ is double-walled
The inner wall is White
The outer wall is a Dark Grey

Medium: 12oz / 355ml


  • Made of recycled Uppercup's
  • BPA & BPS free
  • Durable and dishwasher safe
  • Glass-like feel
  • Odor and stain resistant
  • Designed and made in Australia


  • Sustainable: Uppercup+ is reusable, made from recycled material and is recyclable at the end of life.
  • Double Wall: With an insulated wall, your drink stays warm and your fingers cold.
  • Ethical: Uppercup is a B-Corp and is ethically Australian made and owned.
  • Barista Designed: Designed by baristas for people who love coffee, the conical bottom means you can have a perfectly poured coffee every time.
  • BPA Free: Uppercup is made of the highest quality, BPA Free Eastman Tritan copolyester, which means it won’t retain smell and is highly durable. 
  • Dishwasher safe: Top shelf only
  • Write on me and wipe me off: My unique material means your order will never be wrong.  
  • Uppercup is a registered and patented design.

Click to learn more about Uppercup+

View the videos and read the instructions to find out everything you wanted to know about your Uppercup.

How to put the Uppercup lid on

 To put your Uppercup lid on, place the cup on a hard surface, then place both of your thumbs on top of the lid and push down - when you hear the click you know your lid is on.

When taking off your Uppercup lid, grasp the cup with one hand and use the other to leverage the lid off.

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    Why choose us?

    Australian made logo
    Made in Australia for a reason.

    Did you know Glass and Stainless steel cups cannot be manufactured in Australia?

    We believe in supporting local Australian business and people. We manufacture using a special tritan polymer right here in Melbourne.

    Community-Made. Sustainably Yours.

    Your Uppercup will be produced locally and ethically. We know the people who make your products.


    Zero-Waste Products

    The Closed-Loop Cup.

    Our product recovery program ensures that all cups and containers can be returned to us at the end of their life for recycling into new Uppercups.