Why Buy BPA Free Products?

At Lusty Reusable Product Solutions, we choose to manufacture with a BPA Free material called Eastman Tritan, the healthy, clean & safe choice. 

Water bottles and cups are, first and foremost, containers and need to be safe to hold food or drinks. We make all of our products from BPA-Free food-grade material, making them safe to touch food and beverages. 


Why buy a product made of Tritan? 

Made of high-quality BPA-Free Tritan, 321 Water and Uppercup are BPA-Free and Toxin-Free, a BPA replacement. 

You can drink from your reusable bottle or cup every time with the peace of mind that what you are drinking from is safe and good for your body.

Tritan is BPA Free and won't leach in any way, making it the healthy, clean & safe choice. 

Uppercup and 321 Water Bottles are dishwasher and microwave safe. Furthermore, Tritan is exceptionally durable and is shatterproof, unlike glass. However, when your product does reach the end of life, it recyclable. 



Our products are certified safe.

We understand that you want to know that the products you use are sustainable and safe. This is why we choose to use Tritan. Tritan is a material that has been reviewed independently & approved by the European Union FSA, US FDA, Health Canada, Japan's HOSPA & Australia's standards.

This material won't retain smells or odors and is a safe, reusable product.


Why buy a reusable product? 

With your reusable Tritan bottle or cup by your side, you won't have to buy non-reusable, single-use products anymore. Since the first season of ABC's program, the War on Waste, aired in May 2017, the push towards reusables has grown in Australia. The War On Waste highlighted how by making the switch to reusables, you wouldn't only help the environment but also save money.

Tritan is a super durable and sturdy plastic that isn't fragile like glass or ceramic, making it a long-lasting and eco-friendly option. 


Why buy a filter water bottle?

Not only will the 321 Water Filter Bottle be able to keep you hydrated, but due to its carbon filter, it will also mean you can have filtered fresh water wherever you go (for potable water only). The bottle's unique tree filter design means you fill the container with water then plunge. The plunging mechanism removes bad tastes and odors, leaving you with fresh water every time. 

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