Support Corporate Sustainability Goals with Reusable Coffee Cups

As more and more businesses adopt sustainability as a core value, it's important to find ways to reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact of everyday operations. One simple and effective way to do this is by switching from disposable to reusable coffee cups.

Disposable coffee cups are a major source of waste, with an astounding number ending up in landfills each year. As reported by Sustainability Victoria "Australians throw out 2.7 million single-use or disposable coffee cups every single day. This adds up to 1 billion coffee cups thrown out every year." In addition to the environmental impact, disposable cups can also be a financial burden for businesses, as they have to pay for disposal and recycling costs.

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Reusable coffee cups are a sustainable and cost-effective alternative. They can be used over and over again, reducing the need for disposable cups and the associated waste and costs. Plus, many coffee shops offer discounts for customers who bring their own cups, so reusable cups can save money in the long run.

But how can businesses encourage their employees and customers to switch to reusable coffee cups?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Provide reusable coffee cups to employees: Offer branded reusable coffee cups as a free gift or as part of the employee onboarding process. This will not only promote sustainability, but also improve brand recognition and employee satisfaction. We have worked with multiple businesses to create reusable coffee cups that are truly their own, manufactured in their branding colours, and with their logo printed on the cup.
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  • Partner with local cafes to have them offer discounts for reusable cups: Encourage staff to bring their own cups and partner with local cafes, asking them to provide your staff a discount if they bring a reusable cup. This will grow the cafes sales and provide your staff with a discount on coffee purchases. This can be a win-win-win for your business, the staff member and the local cafe, all while reducing waste.
  • Implement a cup deposit system: We have worked with businesses to successfully implement a cup deposit system, where staff can use and return a reusable cup to specific cleaning area. This can incentivise people to use reusable cups and reduce waste.

By switching to reusable coffee cups, businesses can support corporate sustainability goals and save money at the same time. So why not make the switch today and join the movement towards a more sustainable future!

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