Co Branded Reusable Coffee Cup

co branded reusable coffee cup


Since the rise of the War on Waste movement across Australia, reusable coffee cups have arguably become the number 1 must have sustainability accessory for the average coffee drinker. From Keep Cup's first to market product range, the evolution of the reusable cup has advanced rapidly with brands such as Uppercup offering additional design benefits to enhance the takeaway coffee experience.

Given the high demand from the everyday consumer for reusable coffee cups, it has opened the doors to a vast industry of promotional Co Branded cups. Everyone from a cafe through to corporations have capitalised on the branding exposure of custom reusable coffee cups.


Uppercup offers premium branding solutions to suit the varying customer backgrounds. To make it easier we have broken it down into some key categories:

1. Coffee Shop/Roastery

Put your company ahead of the pack by Co-Branding with Uppercup. We can pad print your logo directly onto the cup. Unlike some other comparable brands, Uppercup is dual wall insulated meaning that there is no need for a silicon / cork band. By printing directly onto the cup rather than on the band means that your logo will last longer and not get lost! The cup itself was designed for coffee lovers with a conical base to pour a nicer shot and easy drinking lid.

co branded reusable coffee cup

2. Corporate gifting

Instead of the usual bottle of wine or gift voucher, your business can quite easily opt for a corporate branded reusable coffee cup to gift your clients/employees! Not only will they get the ongoing joy of utilising the Uppercup, but will be taking a step in the right direction towards sustainability and environmental awareness.

3. Event merchandise

Gone are the days of the imported merchandise gimmicks (such as pens or wristbands) that get thrown into landfill at the end of any given event. Modern businesses have become much more strategic about their branded merchandise and aligned with companies such as Uppercup to produce sustainable solutions. It has allowed added impact and exposure of the event as well as much less waste at the end!

It can be so easy to brand with Uppercup and produce your very own range. Our customer service team is always happy to work with you or your clients to produce the perfect design and impact. 


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